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3 basic criteria to look for in office rental

3 basic criteria to look for in office rental
You are going to make a new venture or you want to move your existing venture for various reasons, but how? We free you from these thoughts. You only have to come to workHUB by determining your needs. We would like to talk about 3 basic features that will make workHUB the reason for preference when renting an office.

Having your business address/office in a prestigious and central location in a big metropolis like Istanbul will add positive value to your company.

We provide service in Ümraniye Ataşehir Region with our own plaza located at the Tem-Dudullu Connection on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, with our serviced offices. We are located 5 minutes from workHUB East and West Ataşehir, 17 minutes from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, 17 minutes from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, 10 minutes from 15 July Martyrs Bridge, 10 minutes from Bostancı and 20 minutes from Kadıköy. . It is also 2 minutes walking distance from Bostancı-Dudullu Metro Station, which is planned to be opened in 2022. Our plaza, which is adjacent to centers such as Modoko Keyap, will give you an advantage in terms of accessibility.

We take over transactions that will require time, such as office rental, renovation, decoration, furniture, subscription transactions. If you wish, we can move the workHUB to a location of your choice in our plaza in Ümraniye Şerifali. We provide the establishment of the office rental design application and operation system, and we offer you the opportunity to focus on your work with pleasure. We collect general office expenses such as electricity, water, heating and cooling expenses, internet, secretariat, tea, coffee, dues in a single invoice and you do not pay withholding tax on your office rentals. You can use the office 24/7. We carry out your business happily with a friendly and experienced team.

You can also enjoy the world's delicacies from our Cafe & Restaurant, which is also owned by workHUB. We take your prestige one step further by providing you with privileged service in your events such as gala dinners, dinner company organizations, barbecue parties, cocktails. You can also hold your events in fully equipped workHUB meeting rooms.

We offer you privileges in our plaza, which is owned by workHUB, with our ready-made offices in various sizes ranging from 8 m2 to 230 m2, with bright, glazed, high ceilings, individual air conditioning system that receives daylight, elevator, generator. Wouldn't you like to join the workHUB Family?
Size nasıl yardımcı olabiliriz?
Size nasıl yardımcı olabiliriz?